Coming soon in February 2020

Currently, we are playing with a new QNAP Guardian QGC-1600p. This is an interesting device as it combines a Power over Ethernet Switch with a QNAP NAS. So our plan is to integrate this device into our existing home network, and then see how it performs. If we decide that it’s a device that we like, you never know, we might make a series of videos on how to configure a QNAP NAS.

However, for now as we still have not yet finished our series on configuring a Synology NAS. This month we will be posting a video looking at installing and configuring VPN Server. While difficult to actually get working, VPN Server should give anyone with a Synology NAS an alternative method for remotely accessing their NAS.

As we are still trying to catchup with all the gadgets we bought at Christmas, in February we will be posting a number of Factory reset videos for devices such as the new Amazon Echo Flex and the Google Nest Mini. We also plan to make a few more unboxing videos for Google Nest Wifi and the Bridge Wireless Keyboard for a 12.9 inch iPad Pro. This is so that we can get started on preparing to make our new series about installing and configuring Google Nest WiFi.

Thank you for your support