What we are up to in March

Having recently purchased a 2020 AMD Huawei MateBook 14. It was a bit surprising to find that its battery was draining overnight even though it was powered down. After a little investigating, we discovered that the issue was not related to the MateBook, but to a Windows setting. So in the first video for this month, we will be taking a look at how we stopped our battery draining when the laptop is not being used.

Having purchased a new Apple HomePod mini, because we found it not to be as good as either the Amazon Echo or Google Nest Audio. We are going to post a video on how you perform a factory reset on an Apple HomePod in order to sell or give it away.

Then for later in the month, we will be posting another video from our series on using an Apple iPad with a Synology NAS. So expect to see a video that takes a look at using the DS Finder app, to configure a new Synology NAS.

Finally for the end of this month, we will be posting a video continuing our Google Nest WIFi series. For this video we will be taking a look at a feature called IP reservation, which allows you to set a static IP address for a specific device to always use. So because IP reservation is particular useful when configuring network printers, we will be looking to setup a network printer on our Google Home Network.

So stay safe and look out for new video posts every Friday.

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