What we are up to in July

At the beginning of May, we started to hear rumours that Synology would be releasing Disk Station Manager 7 in June. As it happens, this rumour turned out to be true. So you can now download DSM7 from Synology’s website and manually install it onto your NAS – https://www.synology.com/en-uk/DSM70

However as far was we can tell, currently DSM7 is not a upgradable via Disk Station Manager’s Control Panel. Which is probably a good thing as there have been a number of reports relating to issues with third party applications such as Plex. As Synology will be supporting Disk Station Manager 6 until 2023, our advice for the moment, is to let others install DSM7 first so you can learn from their experience.

From what we have seen so far Disk Station Manager has received a nice facelift, and it certainly feels more responsive. It’s also very pleasing to see that Synology has not tried to fix what is not broken. So as the Control Panel settings mostly remain intact, anyone who has used DSM6 will be at home using DSM7.

So we are excited for the coming months as we can finally start to work with DSM7, and properly plan what topics we will be covering for our new series. However until then, we will continue to post networking tips, PlayStation 5 how to videos and finish off our series on setting up Google Nest WiFi.

As this month will be the first time that we have prepared a whole month of videos in advance. Our aim moving forward is to maintain this momentum and have content prepared well in advance of posting. Hopefully this will make posting feel less like a deadline and more like the fun experience we want it to be.

So in July, we will start the month by posting two videos relating to a couple of commands that we think might be useful to know when trouble shooting your home network. One video will be on a macOS terminal command called Whois, while the other is a Windows command prompt that can quickly show you the local IP address your computer is using.

Then we will post a video on how you pair a PlayStation 5 controller to an Apple iPad, including how you pair the controller back to your PS5 when you have finished. We then will be posting videos on how from Windows 10 and macOS you can perform a secure wipe of a hard drive.

Then finally, to round off the month, and because we suspect that it might be very relevant at the moment. We will post a video on how you factory reset a Synology NAS.

So stay safe and don’t forget to look out for a new video every Friday.

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