What we are doing for August 2019

In the UK, July has been incredibly hot. In fact its been a little too hot to work in a tiny room recording videos for YouTube. This has meant that we have not progressed as quickly as we would have liked. 

So for August, we plan to post two videos that continue to look at security on a Synology NAS. The first video will be a quick tip video looking at something called Security Advisor. However, our main focus in August will be to look at how to configure the firewall on our Synology NAS. Hopefully this video will arrive in the last week of August.

As we get closer to the end of our series on how to setup a Synology NAS. We are starting to think about which topics we could turn into a how to series. As Mesh networking is now all the rage, we plan to look to integrate a Synology RT2600ac and RM2200ac router into our home network.

So to test the waters, we will be posting videos on how to factory reset both the RT2600 and the RM2200. 

Thank you for your support