Using an iPad with your Synology NAS – working with USB network adapter

In this video we demonstrate that it is possible to use a network cable with an Apple iPad. However, in order to do this we needed to also use an Ethernet adapter. If your iPad has a USB Type C connector, then you simply need to connect a compatible USB Type C to Ethernet adapter into the port on the bottom of your iPad.

Note: For models of iPad that have a Lightning port, you will need to use a Lightning to USB 3 adapter. Then in order for your iPad to use a network cable, you will have to use a USB 3 to Ethernet adapter.

Quick reference notes:

  • Connect the USB Ethernet adapter to the port on the bottom of your iPad
  • Place the one end of a network lead to the back of your home network
  • Plug the other end of the network lead into the USB Ethernet adapter
  • On you iPad open SettingsWiFi
  • Turn off WiFi
  • In the Settings Sidebar you will find an option called Ethernet
  • When you open Ethernet you should find that your Ethernet adapter has automatically been assigned an IP address
  • Open Safari and test that you can access the Internet and Disk Station Manager on your NAS.

Reference materials:

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