Using an iPad with your Synology NAS – USB Flash Drives

In this video we demonstrate that it is possible to connect either an external USB hard drive or an USB flash drive to an Apple iPad. However, it should be noted that because an iPad will use either a USB C or a Lightning connector. In order to connect any USB device to your iPad you will need to use an adapter.

Note: While we talk specifically about USB flash drives in the video. You can also connect USB external Hard Drives.

Quick reference notes:

  • Connect the USB Flash drive to an USB type C or a Lightning connection
  • Plug in both the USB Flash drive and adapter to the port on the bottom of your iPad
  • From your iPad open the Files app
  • Now from the side panel you should find an option called USB Drive
  • By selecting USB Drive you should be able to access the contents of your USB Drive
  • From within Files you will be able to use the following commands: Copy, Duplicate, Move, Delete, Info, Quick Look, Tag, Rename, Save and Compress.

Note: When you have finished using your Flash Drive, you should always Dismount the drive from your iPad. This will ensure that you do not accidentally corrupt data being stored to your Flash Drive.

  • To dismount a Flash Drive from your iPad, from within the Files App locate your USB Drive from the side bar.
  • To the right of the USB Drive you will see an eject button.
  • Select the eject button and wait until USB Drive is removed from the side bar.
  • It is now safe to remove the Flash Drive from your iPad

Reference materials:

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