Using an iPad with your Synology NAS – USB Flash Drives

In this video we demonstrate that it is possible to connect either an external USB hard drive or an USB flash drive to an Apple iPad. However, it should be noted that because an iPad will use either a USB C or a Lightning connector. In order to connect any USB device to your iPad you will need to use an adapter.

Quick reference notes:

  • Connect the adapter to your USB hard drive or Flash drive
  • Now plug both the adapter and the USB drive into your iPad
  • From your iPad open Files app
  • From the Side panel select your USB drive to open, save or copy your files.

Note: An iPad will not be able to open all file types. Instead it will only be able to open file types which it recognises. The list of file types that an iPad or iPhone will recognise are as follows:

Application NameTypeFile ExtensionsNotes
Adobe Portable Document FormatDocument.PDFRead only
Apple PagesWord Processor.pagesRead/Write
Apple KeynotePresentation.keyRead/Write
Apple NumbersSpreadsheet.numbersRead/Write
Comma-Separated ValuesDelimited Text File.CSVRead/Write
Text FileTab-Delimited File.FileRead/Write
MS WordWord Processor.doc and .docxDefault – Read only
MS ExcelSpreadsheet.xls and .xlsxDefault – Read only
MS PowerPointPresentation.ppt and .pptxDefault – Read only

Reference materials:

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