Using an iPad with a Synology NAS – Monitor the Air Quality around a NAS

As with any electronic device, air quality around your NAS can effect its performance. So in this video we take a look at how you can us the Apple Home app to configure an Eve Room Indoor Air Quality Monitor onto an Apple iPad.

Note: The Eve Room Monitor communicates with an iPad via Bluetooth. So will not be able to send results to an iPad when out of range of the Eve Room Monitor’s Bluetooth signal. In order to receive sensor readings remotely you will need to configure your Eve Room Indoor Air Quality Monitor using either an Apple HomePod or an Apple TV.

Quick reference notes:

  • Charge the battery in your Eve Room Indoor Air Quality Monitor
  • From your iPad Open the Apple Home app
  • The main panel to Apple Home will open, select Add Accessory
  • Hold the QR Code on the bottom of the Eve Room Monitor up to the camera on your iPad
  • Once the Eve Room Monitor has been scanned, it will be identified as a Sensor.
  • Select Add to Home
  • In Sensor Location choose a place were you will be placing your air quality monitor
  • Choose Continue
  • Next you can now give your sensor a name
  • You can now individually name each of the sensors built into the Eve Room monitor
  • After selecting Continue, the Sensor will be added to My Home
  • Select Done

Reference materials:

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