Using an iPad with a Synology NAS – Installing a Bluetooth (Brydge) Keyboard

As typing on a glass screen can become painful over time. In this video we take a look at how you install a Bluetooth keyboard onto an Apple iPad. While in theory it should be possible to install any Bluetooth keyboard onto any iPad running iPadOS 13 and above. In this video we have used a Brydge Pro Keyboard with our 2018 iPad Pro.

Notes: As Bluetooth works on the same wireless frequencies as WiFi, your cordless telephone and your microwave oven. Interference may stop your keyboard from working correctly. So, when trying to pair a keyboard to an iPad make sure that the two devices are close together.

Quick reference notes:

  • First place your Bluetooth keyboard into “Pair Mode” – Is will be model specific
  • Now from your iPad choose Settings – Bluetooth
  • In the Bluetooth panel you will see a heading called Other Devices
  • Select your keyboard from the list and when prompted select Pair
  • Once the keyboard has paired with your iPad, you should be able to type using the keyboard.

Notes: Bluetooth can theoretically allow up to seven devices to be connected to an iPad. However we recommend, that for practical use you only connect two or three devices. Its also worth noting that having Bluetooth enabled on your iPad will help to drain its battery more quickly.

Reference materials:

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