Using an Apple iPad with a Synology NAS – 12 suggested Apps

As the Apple iPad has evolved, it has become something nearly as powerful as a traditional laptop. So in this new series of videos, we are going to see how feasible it is to use an Apple iPad with a Synology NAS.

While the experience of using an iPad, will not be exactly the same as that of a full computer. We think that where needed we should at least be able to come up with viable workaround. So for our first video, we are going to run through 12 applications (or suite of applications) that we think will be most useful when trying to use an iPad on your home network and a fully configured Synology NAS.

Quick reference notes:

Notes: The following table, lists the main applications seen in the video.

SynologyDS FinderApple App StoreFree
UbiquitiWiFiManApple App StoreFree
FilesAppleincluded with iPadOSFree
DriveSynologyApple App StoreFree
DS AudioSynologyApple App StoreFree
DS VideoSynologyApple App StoreFree
MomentsSynologyApple App StoreFree
NotesAppleincluded with iPadOSFree
TeamViewerTeamViewerApple App StoreFree
Remote DesktopMicrosoftApple App StoreFree
VNC ViewerReal VNCApple App StoreFree
PagesAppleincluded with iPadOSFree
NumbersAppleincluded with iPadOSFree
KeynoteAppleincluded with iPadOSFree
WordMicrosoftApple App StoreSubscription fee
ExcelMicrosoftApple App StoreSubscription fee
PowerPointMicrosoftApple App StoreSubscription fee

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