Useful Windows network commands – Using the Ping command

In this video, we take a look at a Windows 10/11 command that will allow you to Ping other devices on your home network. Typically you would use the Ping command to see if another device is reachable on your network or to troubleshoot a connection.

Note: The Ping command will allow you to ping via IP address or domain name. The command can also be used from within either the Command Prompt or a Windows PowerShell. 

Quick reference notes:

  • From the Windows desktop, select the Search bar.
  • Within Search type CMD and press Enter on your keyboard
  • When the Command Prompt window open type the following:
  • When you press Enter on the keyboard the device being pining will be pinged 4 times and report displayed on screen.
ping [ipaddress or domain name]
  • To gracefully closethe Command Prompt type:
  • When you press Enter on your keyboard the Command Prompt window close.

Useful Ping Parameters to try

use either -t or /t to specify that your ping continually sends pings to a device. To stop sending pings press CTRL + C on your keyboard

ping -t [ipaddress or domain name]

Use either -n or /n to specify a specific number of pings be sent to a device. The default is 4

ping -n [number of pings] [ipaddress or domain name]

Reference Material:

Microsoft article – Windows commands 
Microsoft article – Ping
Wikipedia article – cmd.exe

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