Useful Windows 10 network commands – How to find your public IP address

In this video, we take a look at a Windows 10 command that will display your public IP address. When we refer to public IP address, we mean the IP address that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has assigned to your internet connection.

If you have been assigned a static IP address by your ISP, this command can be handy, as it will provide you with the information you will need to assign a new Domain name to your home broadband connection.

Note: The Windows 10 command, hostname can also be used from within Windows PowerShell.

Quick reference notes:

  • From the Windows desktop, select the Search bar.
  • Within Search type CMD and press Enter on your keyboard
  • When the Command Prompt window open type the following:
  • When you press Enter on the keyboard you should be presented with the server name and address of an Open DNS server, along with the IP address of your internet connection.
  • To gracefully close the Command Prompt type:
  • When you press Enter on your keyboard the Command Prompt window close.

Reference Material:

Microsoft article – Windows commands
Wikipedia article – cmd.exe

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