Turning Off Inline Attachments in macOS Mail



When you attach certain file types (i.e. PDF, PNG, Jpeg) to an email in macOS Mail, a thumbnail of that attachment will be displayed (‘appear inline’) in the body of the message.

If you are only attaching a single file, the issue is not apparent. However, when you need to attach multiple files and they ‘appear inline’ the formatting of the email can start to look confused and the message requires scrolling through.


You can change the way macOS Mail displays file attached to your email messages.

  • Log into an account with administrator rights.
  • Open a Terminal session, (Application – Utilities)
  • Copy the text below:
defaults write com.apple.mail DisableInlineAttachmentViewing -bool YES
  • Paste the text into your Terminal session
  • Press Enter
  • Close the Terminal
  • Check macOS Mail to see if the changes have taken effect.

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