Three alternative ways to power down your Synology NAS

It is very important that you correctly power down your Synology NAS, to not only protect your hardware from power surge’s, but also to maintain the integrity of any data you have stored on it. So in this video we take a look at the three ways you can power down a Synology NAS.

Quick reference notes:

  • Log into Disk Station Manager with your Administrators credentials 
  • Within the DSM choose the Profile icon in the top right hand corner of the screen
  • From the drop down menu choose Shut Down
  • Wait until your NAS powers itself down.

Note: How long it takes to power down your NAS will be dependent on the hardware specs of your NAS, and the size of the hard drives you have installed.

  • Alternatively you can power down your NAS using the power button.
  • Press and hold down the power button on the front of your NAS
  • Wait until you hear your NAS beep, and then release your finger from the power button
  • Your NAS will have powered itself down when the power and status lights go out on your NAS.

Note: Due to the way hard drives work, its possible that if you just pull the power from your Synology NAS, data could become corrupted. For example this corruption might occur if a drive was in the middle of writing to its disks when it lost power.

  • The final option for shutting down a Synology NAS is via the DS Finder App.
  • Open the DS Finder app, and log into your NAS.
  • Select the Power icon.
  • From the menu choose Shut Down.
  • Wait for your NAS to power itself down.

Note: You can also use the DS Finder app remotely to power down your NAS. However, you will need to make your NAS accessible from the Internet in order for DS Finder to do this. While DS Finder will need ports 5000 (HTTP) and 5001 (HTTPS) open on your router to do this. We recommend that you VPN into your home network and use DS Finder with VPN.

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