March 2023 update | Our Twitter account has been hacked.

Unfortunately our Twitter account has been hacked, and Mydoodads is no longer in control of the content posted to it. So because we have received no assistance from Twitter, and we feel that Twitter is to blame for this situation. We have decided to move to a different platform.

To everyone who follows us on Twitter, thank you. However, we recommend that you unsubscribe, and we apologise for any junk tweets you may have received. According to Los Angels Times it would appear that the account details for 235 million users were hacked in 2022.

“Although account passwords were not leaked, malicious hackers could use the email addresses to try to reset people’s passwords or guess them if they are commonly used or reused with other accounts. That’s especially a risk if the accounts are not protected by two-factor authentication, which adds a second layer of security to password-protected accounts by having users enter an auto-generated code to log in.”

While we do not remember receiving a notification from Twitter that our account was at risk, we are a little embarrassed as we should have been using Two-factor Authentication. However as the damage has been done, now feels like a good time to move to a different platform.

As we only really used Twitter as a way to notify people when we released new content. We are not sure where we will move to. So in the coming months we will be looking to see if services like Mastodon, Reddit, Discord or Tumblr can replace Twitter.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations please do comment.

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