The alternative way to give a Synology NAS a Static IP address

In order to properly configure a Synology NAS, you need to give your NAS a static local IP address. However, there are two different methods for achieving this goal. So because we have already demonstrated one method in our Beginners guide to setting up a Synology NAS. We thought it might be useful to see the alternative method.

Note: The IP reservation setting in your router will be dependent on the model of router you own. So in order to give you a generic overview we used a Google Nest WiFi router. It’s also worth noting that not all routers have an IP reservation function. If that is the case you will need to use the alternative method we recommend people use.

Quick reference notes:

  • Log into Disk Station Manager and check that your NAS is using DHCP
  • From within the DSM choose Control Panel – Network – Network Interface
  • Locate the LAN port marked as Connected
  • Log into the control interface of your Router.
  • Find the IP reservation setting on your Router
  • Assign your NAS with a static IP address
  • Return to Disk Station Manager and reboot your NAS

Note: As your NAS will be using a leased IP address from your routers DHCP address pool. You will need to reboot your NAS in order for it to release its old IP address, and start using its new IP address.

  • Log back into Disk Station Manager using the static IP address you assigned to your NAS.

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