Synology Quick Tip – Installing and Configuring DS Video on to an Amazon Fire TV

DS Video is an application for iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and Android that will allow you to access the video content stored in Video Station, and display it on your smart phone, tablet and television. So in this video we will look at how you install and configure Synology’s DS Video application onto an Amazon Fire TV.

Notes: In order for DS video to work you must have already configured Video Station on your Synology NAS. Also it is a good idea to have given your video files the correct file names to ensure that your NAS is able to display information on the landing page for each of your videos. Links to content relating to the setup of Video Station on a Synology NAS are as follows.

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Quick reference notes:

  • Install DS Video onto your Amazon Fire TV
  • Open DS Video to display the sign in to your Synology NAS screen
  • When prompted to enter the IP address/QuickConnect ID of your NAS. It is easier to use the IP address of your NAS.
  • Select Next
  • Enter the Account details for a user who has access to DS Video

Notes: Do not use your administrators credentials to sign into the DS Video app. Instead it is better to create a new account on your NAS that is exclusively used for DS Video.

  • Select Login
  • Select Settings
  • Under Video Settings turn on Mark Unwatched Videos
  • In Subtitle Settings turn off Auto Download Subtitles
  • As a test select the Home Page and try and watch a piece of content

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