Synology NAS tip – How to reset your Synology NAS

If while setting up your Synology NAS you make a mistake and lock yourself out of Disk Station Manager, you can perform a reset. However as there are two modes of reset, you need to make sure that you only perform the first mode. So in this video we demonstrate how you perform a mode 1 reset on a Synology NAS.

According to Synology a mode 1 reset will do the following: ◽The default admin account will be restored ◽The UI management ports will be reset to 5000/5001. ◽The IP, DNS, gateway, and other net interfaces on your NAS will be are reset to use DHCP. ◽PPPoE will be disabled. ◽Auto Block will be disabled. ◽All Firewall rules will be disabled. ◽High-availability cluster will be removed. ◽Virtual Machine Manager cluster will be removed.

Notes: We recommend that you make a backup of all your data before attempting a mode 1 reset. This is because it is very easy to perform a mode 2 reset, instead of a mode 1 reset.

Quick reference notes:

  • With your NAS still powered up locate the reset switch on the back of your Synology NAS.
  • Using some sort of reset tool (ie a paperclip) press and hold down the reset switch for roughly 4 to 5 seconds or until you hear a beep.
  • Release the reset switch.
  • Your NAS has now completed a mode 1 reset

Note: As all network settings on your NAS will have been reverted to using DHCP. In order to reconnect to Disk Station Manager (DSM), you will need to find the IP address your NAS is now using. You can do this either by using the DS Finder app or by using a network scanning tool. In our example we used WiFiMan by Ubiquiti. For more information about WiFiMan please see our video – Using an iPad with a Synology NAS – The Ubiquity WIFiMan app

Reference materials:

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