Synology NAS tip – How to make your NAS more secure by adjusting your SMB range

To ensure compatibility with all network devices in your home, a new Synology NAS will have been configured to use SMB1 and 2. However as SMB1 is no longer considered to be secure, in this video we show you how to change the SMB range a Synology NAS uses, to SMB2 and SMB3.

Note: When you update the Network Services on your NAS, connections to networks shares will be effected. So before you change your SMB settings, you need to ensure that no one is using or accessing your network shares.

Quick reference notes:

  • Log into Disk Station Manager using your Administrators credentials
  • Locate and select Control PanelFile Services
  • From within File Services select the SMB/AFP/NFS tab
  • Under SMB choose Advanced Settings
  • In the Maximum SMB protocol field select SMB3 from the drop down menu
  • From within the Minimum SMB protocol field, select SMB2 from the drop down menu
  • Select Apply
  • When prompted that the “Network Service will restart when these settings are applied. Are you sure you want to continue?” choose Yes
  • Close Control Panel and log out of Disk Station Manager

Note: If you are using the latest versions of macOS or Windows 10, you should not experience any difficulties with using SMB2 or SMB3. However, if you do, in the first instance try rebooting the client computer, if that fails check what version of SMB your computer is using. Finally, while we don’t recommend it you could always revert back to using SMB1.

Note: SMB2 and Large MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit), will allow larger units of data to be passed over a communication protocol. So with SMB2 Large MTU enabled, we can take advantage of faster network interfaces that use 1 or 10 gigabit ethernet connections.

Reference materials:

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