Synology NAS tip – How to enable parental controls in Video Station

In this video we take a look at how you enable Parental Controls in Synology’s Video Station. The aim of this setting is designed to provide you with a simple way to prevent users from accessing certain types of content.

Quick reference notes:

  • Log into Video Station (from within a web browser) using your Administrators credentials 
  • From within Video Station select Settings – Parental Controls
  • Select the Add icon to create a Parental Control rule
  • Choose name from the drop down in the User field
  • In the Movie field choose the rating/certification that you want to allow this user to be able to view
  • Repeat the same process in the TV Show, Home Video and TV Recording fields

Note: Video Station pulls meta data about a piece of content from the internet. So the rating/certification system that you see when you select a drop down menu may not be the same as is used in your country. If a category of content ie TV Show, does not contain any content, that drop down menu will remain blank.

  • Now enter a PIN code

Note: The PIN code must be 4 digits in length. The PIN code is used to allow a piece of content to be unlocked, which will allow that piece of content, to be played from within a specific user account.

  • Select OK
  • Log out of Video Station
  • Log into Video Station using the users account details
  • Test that Parental Controls is working correctly

Note: Video Station does not remove inappropriate age related content from its library of content. Instead it simply blocks certain pieces of content from being playable by that user.

Reference materials:

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