Synology NAS Tip – How to add The Movie Database plug-in to Video Station

With the introduction of Disk Station Manager 7, Video Station will no longer automatically pull content poster art and meta data. Instead you now need to create an API and link it to a Video Station plugin. So in this video, we you walk through the step for adding The Movie Database API into Video Station.

Note: As Video Station will not automatically update its existing content, we also demonstrate a method that will allow you to quickly add meta data to existing content in Video Station.

Quick reference notes:

  • Sign into The Movie Database website 
  • From within your profile choose SettingsAPI
  • When prompted for “What type of API key do you wish to register” choose Developer
  • Accept the Licensing Agreement
  • Under “Type of Use” choose Desktop Application
  • For “Application Name” type something descriptive ie Video Station Plugin
  • In “Application URL” type either the Local or Public IP address of your NAS

Note: You can change the Application URL settings later if you wish. However you will not be able to delete the API once it has been created.

  • In the “Application Summary” field type a description of what your API is being used for.
  • Fill in the other fields relating to your personal details.
  • Select Submit
  • Choose API from the Sidebar of your Profile, and copy your API Key
  • Log into Video Station on your NAS using your administrators credentials
  • From within Video Station select Settings – Video Info Plugin
  • Under Movie highlight The Movie Database (System default) and choose Edit
  • Paste your API key into the field provided
  • Test the connection
  • Select OK
  • Tick Apply in the check box for both the Movie and TV Show, The Movie Database (System default) plugins.
  • Choose OK and test that you can update the content in Video Station

Useful video links:

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