Synology NAS Quick Tip – Scanning Ports on your NAS using macOS

While we were configuring the Firewall on our Synology NAS. We found it useful to have a quick way to check if ports that we were working with were open or closed.

So built into macOS is a tool called Network Utility, which is a free way to check the state of our firewall. Please note that Network Utility does have limitations but seems to work well when checking if a single port on our NAS is open or closed.

Quick reference notes:

  • From the desktop of macOS, select Spotlight search
  • Within the search field enter Network Utility
  • Select Network Utility from the list of results
  • From the buttons at the top of the Network Utility windows select Port Scan
  • Enter the IP address of your Synology NAS
  • In Only test ports between enter the same port number into both fields
  • Press the Scan button

Notes: While you can test a range of port numbers, for example ports between 150 and 200. As most of those ports will be closed, you will have to wait for Network Utility to time-out for each port. As the test for each closed port will take roughly 70 seconds. If you test a range of ports, it will take a considerable amount of time.

If you need to test the whole firewall on your NAS, or you wish to test a range of ports. It would be more time efficient to use a full network scanning application.

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