Synology NAS Tip: How to enable and use Wake On LAN – WOL

In this video we show you how to enable the Wakeup On LAN (WOL) function on your Synology NAS. We then look at how you send a Magic Packet to restart a powered down Synology NAS.

While there are multiple methods you can use to send a magic packet. In this example we use Wake On LAN – Magic Packet, created by Depicus. This application free to use on Windows, iOS and Android. However, Depicus does charge a small fee for the macOS version. You can download the Wake On LAN software directly from

Note: Not all models of NAS devices made by Synology support Wake up on LAN. The list of models that do not are listed here.

Quick reference notes:

  • Log in to Disk Station Manager using your administrators credentials.
  • Now choose Control Panel – Hardware and Power – General
  • In the General panel you will find an option called Enable WOL on LAN.
  • Tick the check box to Enable WOL on LAN
  • Select Apply

Notes: While we use a free place of software called Depicus to wake our NAS. If you prefer you can also use Synology Assistant.

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