Synology NAS Tip – How to clear cached or saved network user credentials from macOS

In this quick tip video, we take a look at how you clear the network credentials that automatically allow you to log into the network shares on your NAS. It is particularly important that you do not use the administrators credentials for your NAS, to allow users to access network shares on your Synology NAS. So you would use this technique to remove the administrators credentials from a macOS user profile.

Quick reference notes:

  • From your macOS desktop, select Spotlight Search.
  • Within Spotlight Search type Keychain Access and press Enter on your keyboard
  • The Keychain for the account you are current logged in with will open
  • Now from the sidebar under Category select Passwords
  • A list of the passwords the account is using will be displayed.
  • You should be able to locate the key to your network shares. More than likely because it will be marked with the IP address of your file server. For example:
  • By double clicking you can confirm if the entry contains the correct details
  • Now highlight the Keychain entry and hold down the Control key on your keyboard and press the mouse button to display a Quick Menu
  • In the Quick Menu, choose Delete “the name of the keychain” ie Delete “”
  • When prompted to confirm that you wish to delete the keychain select Delete
  • If you now try and mount your network share you will be prompted to enter a valid users credentials.

Reference Material:

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