Synology NAS Tip – How to add a Lyrics plugin to Audio Station

As of 21st September 2020, the website Lyric Wiki which is used to power the lyric plug-in’s for Audio Station, was closed. This means that currently most Lyric plugins will either only partially work, or not work at all.

Notes: In order for Audio Station to display the lyrics to a song stored in your music library, you will need to download and install a plug in file for Audio Station.

Quick reference notes:

  • Locate and download a Lyric plug in for Audio Station

Notes: In this video we make reference to a webpage were we were able to download a number of different lyric plug-ins. However, since this video was posted this plugin has moved to GitHub, so you can now file the plugin at the following location –

  • Log into Disk Station Manager using your Administrators credentials.
  • Now open Audio Station
  • From within Audio Station select Settings – Lyrics Plugin
  • Select Add and browse to the location where you download the lyric plugin.
  • Highlight the lyric plugin and select Choose then Add
  • Select OK to set the new lyrics plugin
  • Test the new plugin works

Notes: The plug-in that you install into Audio Station, might not be able to locate the lyrics to all of the songs in your music library.

Thank you for your support