Synology NAS Tip – How to access your Network shares from within Chrome OS

This video is an update to a previous video we posted. In that video we looked at how you can access the network shares on a Synology NAS from within Chrome OS. However subsequent updates to Chrome OS, means that we no longer need to use a third party plug-in. So in this quick tip video, using Chrome OS 74, we will demonstrate how to access network shares.

Quick reference notes:

  • Locate and open Files
  • Now from within Files choose the options/more (three stacked dots) button
  • From the drop down menu highlight Add New Service and choose SMB file share from the sub menu
  • When you select SMB file share you will be prompted to enter the following:
  • The address of your Synology NAS and the network share you wish to connect to. For example:
  • The username of someone authorised to access network shares on your NAS
  • The password that user uses to access network share on your NAS.
  • When you select Add your network share will appear in the sidebar of Files.

Notes: If you find that your Chromebook is unable to connect to the network shares on your Synology NAS. Try enabling SMB 3 on your NAS. To do this complete the following:

  • Open Disk Station Manager using your ‘administrators’ credentials
  • Select Control PanelFile Services
  • Under SMB select Advanced Settings
  • In the Maximum SMB protocol field choose SMB 3
  • Choose Apply to save your settings

Thank you for your support