Synology NAS Tip – An introduction to using Video Station

Having installed Video Station onto our NAS, we automatically created a “Video’ network share. So in this video we will look at how we add films and television shows, to Video Station via the Video network share folder.

We will then look at how to access Video Station via its Alias. Review some of Video Stations features and look at how you can play back content through a web browser.

Please note that in order for Video Station to play back video content, the video files must not contain Digital Rights Management (DRM). Content purchased online from outlets such as iTunes will not play back in Video Station as the file will contain DRM.

The movie used in this video to demonstrate how to play back a movie file in Video Station is Sintel. You can download and find out more about this film by visiting the website,

Sintel, is an open source film licensed as a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. This means it can be shared and shown freely, as long as the film is attributed to – © copyright Blender Foundation |

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