Synology NAS Tip: 3 ways to sign out of a Windows 10 User Account

As we recommend that your user accounts do not have administrative rights over your computer. You should have a separate administrators account on your PC. Then if you need to install software or make a change to the operating system, you will have to log into a separate administrators account. So as there are multiple ways to sign out of a Windows user account, in this video we demonstrate all three methods.

Notes: It is generally considered bad practise to have user accounts with administrators privileges over a computer. This is because a computer with administrative privileges, can execute commands silently leaving a computer vulnerable to spyware and malware.  

Notes: if you are connecting a Windows 10 computer to a Synology NAS. By having your Windows account match the username and password created on your NAS. Windows will not prompted you for user credentials when you try and access network shares.

Quick Reference notes:

  • Method one – press and hold down the Windows Key + X to display the Windows shutdown panel.
  • From the dropdown menu choose Sign out
  • Method two – press Alt + Control + Delete on the Keyboard. Then when presented with a list of options choose the option to Sign out
  • Method three – If we place the mouse pointer over the Start button, and right click. A secondary menu will appear. Now if we place the mouse pointer over the option Shut down or Sign out. A submenu will be displayed, that includes the to Sign out.

Reference materials:

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