How to setup a TP-Link HS100 or HS110 WiFi Smart Plug

In this video we take a look at the setup process for the TP-Link HSxxx series of WiFi Smart Plugs. A Smart plug is a device that you attach to a power outlet in your home to make it remotely controllable  via the internet.

With remote control over the electrical supply to a device, a TP-Link WiFi Smart Plug can give our household appliances additional features and functions, for example:

  • Remote Access
  • Scheduling
  • Away Mode
  • Voice Control
  • Power Monitoring (HS110 only)

However, one of the main reasons for using a Smart Plug. Is that they can be used to save money on your electrical bills. As the TP-Link HS110 will monitor the amount of energy used by an appliance. You can measure the cost for using a device. This in turn helps you to determine if that device is being used efficiently. 

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