How to setup a Synology wireless router part 1: Familiarising yourself with your Synology Router

In this video we look at whats in the box when you buy a Synology Wireless Router and how to connect the parts.

This is the first of three videos looking at how you complete a basic setup of a Synology router. In this video we take a look at what’s in the box and how you assemble the parts.

The RT1900ac and RT2600ac wireless routers by Synology, offer features that extend past those offered by the routers given away by Internet Service Providers (ISP’s).

With an easy to use interface, the RT1900 and RT2600 offers powerful tools such as:

  • Parental Controls – control when and for how long children can use the internet.
  • Content Filtering – Protect children from elements of the Internet they are not ready for yet.
  • Bandwidth prioritisation – control which devices have access to more or less bandwidth, which is perfect for gamers.
  • Can be used as a VPN, DNS and RADIUS server.
  • Add basic network storage support.
  • Act as a Media Server.
  • Create a Guest Wi-Fi access point in your home.

For anyone that wants to build a more robust, secure and feature rich home network a Synology router is an excellent choice.


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