Playlist - How to setup and configure a Synology NAS (DSM 6)

A basic guide to the setup and configure of a Synology NAS (DSM6)

The content in this section is for beginners and home users looking to setup a Synology NAS running Disk Station Manager 6. So through this series of videos we take a step by step approach to help you setup your new NAS.

You will also find supplementary information regarding non specific elements of a Synology NAS, in our Synology NAS tips section. This section includes any topics we have been asked to clarify, or are topics we just thought you might find interesting or useful.

While the videos in this section are for the previous version of Disk Station Manager. As the basic information in them is still relevant, we keep these videos available, so that you have something to refer to while we finish the updated series for Disk Station Manager 7.

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