September’s video posts

For September we will be posting five videos, the first of which will be looking at how from the macOS terminal, you can get information about the DHCP lease that your computer is using. Then so as not to exclude Window’s users, we will be looking at how from a Command Prompt you can Flush your computer DNS cache.

As Apple will probably soon start to release new products in the run up to Christmas. We can expect to see new computers that use Apple Silicon, instead of Intel hardware. So we will be continuing our series on macOS troubleshooting by taking a look at how you access Recovery mode, and the options it offers.

Then because we have noticed that Sony PlayStation users often seem to have problems pairing their controllers back to their games consoles. We will be releasing a video that specifically looks at the two ways you can pair a PlayStation 5 DualSense controller back to a PS5 console.

If you are a Synology NAS user, using Video Station. You may have noticed that after updating to Video Station 2.5.0. Video Station no longer adds metadata to your video library. So in the final video for September, we will be taking a look at how you create a TMDB API, and use it in the plugin for VideoStation.

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