September 2019 proposed schedule

Recording voice and audio is perhaps my least favourite part in the process of making a video. Not only are there constant interruptions from cars, planes and motorcycles. You have to continually repeat the same lines over and over, which quickly starts to become monotonous. 

However, the thing that makes audio recording unbearable is heat. So with the windows and doors all closed. You can imagine how impossible it becomes to get any voice work done. Luckily, as we do keep videos in reserve we have been able to post something every Friday.

Unfortunately, this has meant that we have not been able to finish our video on configuring the Firewall on a Synology NAS. So this video has been moved back to September. 

Also for the month of September, we plan to look at posting videos that look at how we can test the Firewall on a Synology NAS using Windows and Mac. With luck we might also be able to make a video on creating a personal hotspot on both iOS and android.

Thank you for your support