Replace the battery on an Apple MacBook Air

How to replace a MacBook Air battery

In this video we look at replacing the battery in a MacBook Air. While it is a simple process, you do need a specialist tool and a replacement battery.

You can apply the same basic principles as shown in the video to replace the battery for all current models of MacBook Air.

In the video we used a Pentalope (size 5) screw driver and a new battery. When purchasing a replacement battery make sure you order the correct battery part. To do this you need the model number of the MacBook Air, and the date that design was released. You can find the model number and date of release on the underside of the MacBook Air.

For the video we purchase a genuine replacement battery from ifixit, but you can find cheaper third party batteries. Please be aware that third party batteries may not be as well made or as rigorously tested as a genuine part.



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