Postings coming in August 2020

After our short summer holiday we are back and rearing to go. So at the beginning of August we will be posting a video that looks at changing the SMB settings on our Synology NAS. The aim of this change, will be to make using network shares on our NAS more secure. So we think it’s something that everyone should consider doing to their NAS.

Also, as it is very useful to know who is connected to your NAS when performing a system update, or when maintaining an application. We also plan to post a quick tip video that will demonstrate how you can find out if a user is currently connected to your Synology NAS. 

Then, for the month of August we are going to try something new. As we also own a QNAP NAS, on our website we will be posting our notes on setting up and configuring a Docker image for a UniFi Network Controller. As we could not find a definitive guide on how QNAP Container Station works, these will be the notes that we have cobbled together. So while we don’t normally cover QNAP devices. If these posts generate enough interest, we may in the future look to make a series of videos or provide more coverage to QNAP NAS devices.

For the remainder of the month, we intend to continue our series on setting up a Google Nest WiFi mesh network. So you can expect to see  a video that looks at adding a 1st Generation Google Wifi router to our new Google Nest WiFi network. We will also be posting videos that demonstrate how to test our internet connection, and show you how to test the links that connect the wifi points to our mesh network.

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