October 2021 – Leaving YouTube?

Over the last few weeks I have found myself in a situation, where Google first cancelled and then reinstated the Adsense account, associated with my YouTube channel. While everything now seems to have resolved itself. From the experience, I have come to realise just how much my channels success or failure is dependent on the whims of YouTube and Google. So to try and remedy this situation, I have decided to make a number of changes.

First, I intend to make the mydoodads website, the main focus for any new content that I produce. This means that in the future YouTube will no longer be receiving new content at the same time as my website. You may have already noticed this shift, as I have started to move some of the content on my website from YouTube to Vimeo.

While you should not notice any drop in video streaming quality, Vimeo does give me more control over my content and its video player. Which has a knock on benefit in that the videos on the website will give you a cleaner viewing experience, with no adverts.

However, one idea I am currently considering is the use of time limited and exclusive content that can only be accessed via some sort of subscription or membership. While I would prefer not to do this, web hosting and the use of Vimeo both have costs, which while not excessive, may not be something at a small channel like mine can absorb in the future.

So, to try and avoid having to use a subscription or membership model. In November I will be opening a Facebook page. The idea being to run Facebook and YouTube in parallel with each other to hopefully create a secondary revenue stream.

As you can imagine this whole experience has been very stressful, and implementing my plan is going to take a lot of time. Time that takes me away from making new content. So I hope this video helps to explain my reasons for taking a break, thank you for your support over the years, please stay safe, and i hope to see you in December, when we will once again be posting new content.


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  • mydoodads, no one on the internet is better than you at making things understandable. Your videos on Synology DSM 6 have been extremely valuable to many of us in the Synology community.

    Until you make a tutorial on installing Plex to run with DSM 7, I will probably stay confused.

    Let me make it clear: you are the ABSOLUTE BEST teacher I have come across in my 77 years of being an avid student of many subjects.

    • Thank you for all your support. The good news is that I have nearly finish the first episode for my new series on DSM7. So you can expect to see it exclusively on the website soon, with it appearing on YouTube in the second half of the year.

      As I do not enjoy using Facebook, I think that this new series might be the moment I try an early access subscription/membership system on the website. So I would really value any opinions on the idea of paying a small fee for early access to specific content.

Thank you for your support