News for April 2023

You may have noticed the changes we have made to the website, which we hope will make it easier for you to navigate. We have also been working on better optimisation, so you should find that web pages load more efficiently. However as we are still working on a lot of elements in the background, more content will become highlighted on our home page, as we continue to review and update our older posts.

Twitter hack

As we still have no resolution to the hacking of our Twitter account, and Twitters support can be described at best as useless. Our experience has lead us to the conclusion that Twitter as a company is failing, and have decided that its best to move away from the platform.

Luckily as Twitter was not an integral part of our channel, and we only used it to let people know what we were posting. We have decided to move to Tumbrl, which while having fewer users, feels less toxic and seems a good replacement for Twitter. So if you are curious why not take a look at our Tumbrl microblog, which you can find at

We also created an account with Reddit, but we suspect that this may not be the right platform for announcing new content. So while it is a fantastic resource for news and advice, until we can work out how best we can utilise what Reddit has to offer, for now we will just keep a presence on this platform.

Framework updates

In our review of a Framework laptop, we expressed a number of concerns that we felt would only get resolved once we knew how committed Framework were to making their laptops upgradable. So it’s really good news to hear that not only will Framework release a 16-inch laptop. They will also be offering both an Intel 13th Gen and an AMD Ryzen 7040 mainboard upgrade kit, for all models of their 13 inch laptops.

Then to further enhance the upgradability of all their computers, they also announced higher-capacity batteries, new and improved screen hinges, matte displays, louder 80dB speakers and new bezel colours. So if you are interested in finding out more why not visit Frameworks website, or read more about Frameworks announcement in this Engadget article.

MacOS 13.3, iOS 16.3, and iPad 16.3 updates

At the end of March, Apple released major updates to macOS 13.3, iOS 16.3 and iPad 16.3. The reason these updates are important is that they fix a number of major security flaws, that if left unpatched will leave your Apple devices vulnerable. So if you would like more information before you update your Apple devices, please refer to the following notes:

Youtube videos

As we had the chance to take a look at a SkyQ Hub. So the first video for April, will demonstrate how you access its Advanced mode and settings. Then if this video proves popular, we will make a second video were we review all the Advanced settings, that a SkyQ hub has to offer.

Recently we had a problem where a bluetooth mouse connected to a macBook would continually lose its connection. So in order to fix this issue we had to reset the bluetooth module on our Apple Macintosh computer. As this is not easy to do in macOS Ventura, we made a video that will walk you through the Terminal command that you need to use, to stop and then restart the macOS bluetooth module.

One of the downsides of a DIY computer is that you will spend a lot of time tweaking settings. So because our Framework laptop running Windows 11, was de-charging its battery even when it was powered off. We had to disable Fast startup in order to preserve battery life. So as this is a useful tip for all Windows users, the third video we will be releasing this month, will demonstrate how you disable Fast Startup.

Finally at the end of the month, we will release the next video to our Beginners Guide on how to setup and configure a Synology NAS. So in this video we will explain what a dynamic and static IP address is, and then demonstrate how you assign a static IP address to your Synology NAS.

Website videos

This month for the website, we will be releasing a number of video updates that look at how you perform factory resets on popular devices. So we will be releasing a video on factory resetting an Android handset, an iPhone, an iPad, and Windows 11.

Site Members content

When working on “how to videos” it can be very easy to become blinkered and work to a deadline, rather than making sure that what you are producing is correct. So while we do have fail safes in place to try and avoid such scenarios. We have made a mistake with the next two videos in our “Beginners Guide on how to setup a Synology NAS”.

As configuring a NAS is about methodically working through a sequence of tasks. As we accidentally completed certain tasks out of order, we suspect that the videos we have created might be a little confusing. So while our mistake is very minor, we now need to re-edit one already posted video, and either remake or heavily rework two unreleased videos.

This means that there will be a short delay in new content appearing for our “Beginners Guide on how to setup a Synology NAS”. However, we do have a number of new timed exclusive videos for our site members. So this month expect to see a number of tips and tricks videos for macOS and Windows users, along with the first episode of a new series we are hoping to release in the autumn.

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