New content for November

If you have been following the drama from last month, you will know that we have been working in the background to try and become less dependent on YouTube and Google. So this month we opened a Facebook page.

While we have many concerns and doubts about Facebook’s ethics and general business practises. We are going to see what happens with our page and then every 6 months review our position. While the content on our Facebook page, will mostly focus on legacy videos already posted to YouTube, we hope it will give us a little more exposure. If you use Facebook, why not checkout our mydoodads page.

As for this website, you may have noticed improvements in performance through better optimisation. While this is an ongoing process, we do think webpage loading speeds have improved. You may have also started to notice, that we have been slowly adding commenting to our web posts. This is along with embedding new videos using Vimeo rather than YouTube.

Also within our website, we have been working on creating a system that will allow members to view time limited and exclusive content. However, this will take a while to implement. So until we are ready, we will continue to post new content first to the website, with that content appearing on YouTube at a later date.

This means that this month, we will be posting a number of new videos looking at how you can make browsers like Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Brave the default browser on an Apple iPad. These videos will then appear on YouTube in December, along with a mini series that we have been working on for the Christmas holidays.

Recently we tweeted that we upgraded a computer to Windows 11. While we initially liked Windows 11, as time has marched on, we have started to notice issues that we find annoying. One such issue, is that you can’t download Playstation update files to Windows 11, because they are seen as a file type that is insecure. So we thought it might be useful to post a short video on how you get around this problem.

Finally for this month we will be posting videos on how you reinstall the firmware on an Apple HomePod, along with a new video on using the Ping command in Windows.

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