March 2020

For me writing scripts and producing voice overs are the two most time consuming elements when making a “how to” video. So February was a difficult month as we were not able to produce as many videos as we would have liked. This was in part because the Synology VPN Server video we posted was really long at 20 minutes. As it takes us roughly one week to produce 5 minutes of video, that 20 minute video took around a month to complete. 

Then to compound matters, we also had to setup new audio equipment which had to be tested and then integrated into our workflow. While this should mean that the videos in February sound better than previous videos, it did slow video production.  

The good news is that while we were setting up our new equipment, we were able to work on new scripts. So March will finally see us post the accompanying VPN client videos for Windows and macOS. We also plan to post a video on how to factory reset a pair of Apple AirPods, and if there is time a video on how you can manually renew a Lets Encrypt certificate on a Synology NAS. 

Thank you for your support