June 2023 news | Disk Station Manager 7.2

June news

This month we will start to see the release of Disk Station Manager 7.2, to compatible models of Synology NAS. However as Synology stagger the release of their updates, it can take a few weeks before you see the update appear on your model of NAS. So if you can’t wait for the update to appear in Control Panel. You can always manually download the latest version of DSM and install it yourself via Download Center.

While there are a number of interesting new features in DSM 7.2, including the ability to use M.2 SSD’s as a volume rather than just cache. As most of the new features lean more to business rather than home users, we can’t get all that excited about most of DSM 7.2’s new features. However, as Synology have made a number of security improvements to better protect a NAS from brute force attacks and ransomware, this update should not be ignored. So to find out more about DSM 7.2, please visit Synology’s website.

If you are setting up a new Synology NAS running Disk Station Manager 7, you might find it useful to take a look at our beginners guide to setting up a Synology NAS, and our Synology NAS tips.


Once again it’s that time of year where if you are an Apple Developer you get to attend seminars and meet up with your peers. However for us mere mortals, the World Wide Developers Conference is a chance to see what Apple have been working on, and perhaps see what new computer hardware they will be releasing later this year.

So this year at WWDC the rumours suggest that along with Apple’s obligatory updates to it’s numerous operating systems, including macOS, iOS and WatchOS. We might see an Apple Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality headset and perhaps a 15 inch MacBook Air. This will be interesting not because we think that VR or AR will be the next big thing, but rather that it will show where Apple is going.

You see over the last few years it feels like Apple has been resting on its laurels. So while they did roll out the M series of processors to great applause. Where are the innovations of design or technological shifts that Apple is famed for? We suspect that perhaps Apple is not as focused on its core business as it once was. Instead focusing on Apple Card, Apple Pay and Apple Wallet which have seen massive growth. So as computer sales start to decline [see Ars Technica article], has Apple become distracted by better returns from providing financial products?

We might find out more about Apple’s road map after we have seen this years keynote slated for Monday 5th June at 1PM ET/10AM PT. With the whole of WWDC23 running from the 5th to the 9th of June.

Were abandoning YouTube shorts

Recently we decided to try something new, so we released a number of Shorts on YouTube. However, while it seemed like a good idea to make Shorts relating to Apple iPhone. As there is no demand for that kind of content, we have not been able to compete with what’s popular in Shorts. So in order to save time and resources we have decided to return to just delivering our core content.

New content being released on YouTube

Finally as the release schedules for our videos to this website, and YouTube start to come into sync. We can start posting new content again. However as there are still a number of videos we have not yet posted to YouTube. At the beginning of this month we will be posting two extra videos. One which looks at factory resetting Windows 11 and one that demonstrates how you perform a power-wash in ChromeOS.

Then we will be posting a video to show you how to install Handbrake onto a Google Chromebook, along with a video on using aShell to find the public IP address of your internet connection. This will be followed by a video showing you how to add an eject button to the menu bar of macOS and any other videos we might have missed.

We will then start to release new content previously unseen. This will include a video that will show you a hidden feature on iPhone, that can improve the audio quality of your voice calls. A video that looks at how you can permanently enable Battery Saver mode in Windows 11, and the next “How to setup a Synology NAS” video were we review File Services in DSM 7.

Early access content for site members

If you are a site member, this month you will get early access to a number of videos we have just completed. So you can expect to see a video demonstrating how from a Google Nest WiFi router, you can use port forwarding to by-pass the routers firewall. The reason you might need to do this is if you have a device that needs to be contacted from the internet. For example your Synology NAS.

Speaking of a Synology NAS, we will be releasing the next video in our beginners guide by looking at creating user accounts, which in turn will allow you to access your newly created network shares. Then as supplementary videos we will also post a description of the Delegate option in User and Group. This will be along with an updated video explaining what the Home and Homes folders on a Synology NAS are for.

Then because we have been looking at firewalls, we have discovered that there is a terminal command that will allow both Windows and macOS users to see if a firewall port is open or closed. So we made a couple of videos demonstrating how we can test specific ports to the firewall on our Synology NAS.

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