June 2021

June news

Over the last few months we have been noticing that the numbers watching our videos, has started too slow. Hopefully this trend is simply because the world is returning to normal, and fewer people have time to watch YouTube or access our website.

However if this downward trend continues, we might need to review what we are doing and change our focus. But in the meantime, let’s take a look at what we are going to be posting for the month of June.

For the last couple of months we have been preparing the ground work for a new series on how to setup and configure a Synology NAS. So because Synology will be having an event in June, where they will announce the release of Disk Station Manager 7. Finally, we will be getting a chance to install this new operating system on some hardware we bought last year.

As it’s never a good idea to be the first to use a new operating system. We will not start posting our new series until the Autumn. This should give us plenty of time with the new version of Disk Station Manager, while allow us to familiarise ourselves with any changes that have been made.

So for June we will be posting another video on useful macOS network terminal commands, this time looking at how to test the forward and reverse lookup of a local DNS server. Then so we do not leave out Windows 10 users, we will also be posting a video looking at a command that can quickly tell us the device name of the computer we are using.

We also plan to post a couple of Playstation 5 troubleshooting videos. One will demonstrate how you clear the System Cache to help with performance issues, and another showing how to safely dismount a hard drive being used as extended storage.

Then because last month we posted the wrong video, this month we will be posting the video we promised last month. So expect to see our video on how to access recover mode on a Mac using Apple Silicon hardware.

Finally because in May, things really did not go as planned, and we were not able to post our video on decommissioning a Synology NAS. Hopefully, by the end of June we will have this video ready to go. We just need to record some more footage which deals with a couple of important elements that we previously missed out.

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  • I set up my Synology NAS this past year with help from your video series. It was really a lifesaver!! I use it for Time Machine backups and photo archive. I expect to find other uses in the future. I’m so glad that you will be doing a series on DSM7.0. I’ll be waiting to update until I get your advice and perspective. Thanks for the great work!

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