How to use Safari Split View on an Apple iPad (for iOS 13 and above)

Split View in Safari, is a way that we can display two web pages on an iPads screen, which is a very handy mode for anyone conducting research or comparing data. With the introduction of iOS 13, Apple have changed the way that the iPad and iPad Pro initiates Split View in Safari.

So in this video we look at two methods you can use to initiate Split View. We also demonstrate how you can move the two instances of Safari around the screen, and the technique you need to use in order to close Split View mode.

Notes: The version of iOS used in the video is 13.1.2. However please note that Apple may make changes to how Split View works in future versions of iOS or iPadOS.

Quick reference notes:

  • Open Safari
  • Place finger on a hyperlink until a quick menu appears
  • Choose either Open in New Tab or Open in New Window

Notes: Split View opens two instances of Safari. So in order to close one instance of Safari, and return the iPad to displaying a view a single instance of Safari. You need to do the following:

  • You will find a handle at the top of each instance of Safari.
  • Using your finger drag one instance of Safari to the centre of the screen. You need to use the handle.
  • When Safari is in the centre of the screen, release your finger.
  • Now swipe the floating instance of safari off and to the right of the screen.

Reference materials:

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