How to upgrade the Playstation 4 ( 1st Gen ) Hard Drive

This video will show you how to upgrade the internal hard drive on a PS4.

In this video we look at how you upgrade the hard drive on a 500Gb 1st Generation Playstation 4. By opening the PS4 as shown in the video, you will not invalidate the warranty. However, please ensure that the console is not connected to the electrical mains before you start your upgrade.

In order to complete this project you will need:

  • 1x 8GB USB memory stick
  • 1x replacement 2.5 inch Hard Drive
  • A #1 head Philips screwdriver
  • the ps4update.pup file from the Sony website

As of update 4.50 you can now connect an external USB hard drive to your PS4. However, while this option is very simple, it is:

  • A more expensive option
  • Uses one of the two USB ports on the console
  • There is no guarantee that all USB storage devices are compatible with the PS4

Tip: Why not purchase a USB hard drive caddy. Then after completing the HD upgrade on your PS4, you can use the old hard drive to extend your consoles storage capacity further.

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Reference Materials

Sony PlayStation Manual – Upgrade PS4 Hard Drive
Sony PlayStation Support – PS4 System Update

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