How to update a PlayStation 5’s System Software from Safe mode

As Safe Mode on a PlayStation 5 will only load its most basic functions. We can use Safe Mode to troubleshoot and fix certain issues that a PS5 console might experience. So in this video we demonstrate how from within Safe Mode, you can update the System Software (firmware) on a PS5.

If you suspect that the System Software on your console may have become corrupt. Using Update System Software in Safe mode, is a good way to complete an over the top reinstall of the System Software.

Note: If you wanted to revert to a previous version of a PS5 System Software, in theory is should be possible to use Update from USB Drive. However, you need to use caution as this is something we have never tried, and downgrading the System Software is not something the PS5 is designed to do.

Quick reference notes:

  • Power down your PlayStation 5 console.
  • Now press and hold down the Power button on your PS5 for 6 seconds.

Notes: Your PS5 will take some time to power down. While your console powers down, the indicator light on your PS5 will pulse. You will know that your console has powered down when its status light goes out.

  • Once your PS5 has powered down, connect your controller to your PS5 using a USB type C cable
  • Press the PS button to pair the controller to your console.
  • The seven option of Safe Mode will now be displayed.
  • Select Update System Software.

Notes: There are two options within Safe mode that you can use to update the System Software on a PS5. Update from USB Drive as the name suggests, will allow you to upgrade the System Software from a file stored on a USB drive. While Update Using Internet, will simply attempt to download the latest System Software from a Sony server.

You would use Update from USB Drive if your console is not connected to the internet, or if you wanted to downgrade (not recommended) the System Software on your PS5.

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