How to unlock the drive bay on your Synology NAS if you lost the key

Locking the drive bays on your NAS is a good way to avoid accidents that might damage the data stored on it. However while Synology will provide you with two keys for your NAS, they are very easy to loose. So in this video we demonstrate an alternative method for unlocking and locking the drive bays on a Synology NAS.

If you do not have a key, we recommend using either a screw driver with either a Philips or a Japanese Industrial Standard bit. So in this video we used a J1 bit as we felt it provides better torque.

Note: While the hard drives in your NAS are what is referred to as hot swappable, in that you do not need to power down your NAS before removing them. We feel that it is best practise for home users to power down their NAS before removing any hard drives. The reason for this advice is that if the disks in the drive being removed, are still being read or written to. The sudden removal of that drive may loose data, or might damage other data stored on that drive.

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