How to uninstall Active Insight from a Synology NAS

With the introduction of Disk Station Manager 7, Synology added a function called Active Insight. Active insight is a service that will create a dashboard that allows you to remotely monitor numerous stats regarding your NAS. So for example you can monitor system utilisation, see the status of your backups, check for updates, see who has logged in or attempted to log into user accounts, and monitor events that have taken place on your NAS.

Unfortunately, in order to use Active Insight you will need to use a Synology account, and pay for specific features with a yearly subscription. So we suspect that many home users may decide that they do not want to use Active Insight.

However Active Insight is installed by default and can not be uninstalled via Package Center. So in this video we demonstrate one method that will uninstall Active Insight on a Synology NAS.

Note: While we do not think that uninstalling Active Insight will have a detrimental effect on your NAS, you uninstall Active Insight at your own risk. However since we uninstalled Active Insight, we have not experienced any issues on our NAS.

Quick reference notes:

  • Log into Disk Station Manager using your Administrators credentials
  • From within the DSM choose Control PanelServices – Task Scheduler
  • Within Task Scheduler select Create – Triggered Task
  • In the Create task panel give your task a name
  • For User choose Root
  • In Event select Boot-up
  • Now in Task Settings tick Send run details by email

Note: In order to use Notifications you will have had to setup email notifications on your NAS.

  • For Email enter the address that will be notified
  • In the User-defined script field enter the following:
synopkg stop ActiveInsight
synopkg uninstall ActiveInsight
  • Select OK
  • When prompted to confirm that you wish to use the Root account once again choose OK
  • With our Uninstall Active Insight task now created disable it from automatically running

Note: You can leave your task enabled, however it will run each time you reboot your NAS. So while you probably do not reboot your NAS all that often, it seems a waste to run the script even if Active Insight is not installed.

  • To run the script, highlight it and then select the Run button.
  • To check to see if Active Insight has been uninstalled open Package Center and review the Apps running on your NAS.

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