How to disable auto-brightness on an Apple MacBook

You might find that sometimes when you turn on your Apple MacBook, its screen brightness is dim. This is due to an ambient light sensor built into your computer, that is mis-interpreting the surrounding light in your environment, So in this video we demonstrate how you disable the ambient light sensor in an Apple MacBook.

Note: An ambient light sensor is included on newer models of Apple MacBook. It is located next to the iSight camera at the top of the screen. You can verify the location of your sensor by placing your hand over the camera and watch your screen automatically din and the backlit keyboard brighten.

Quick reference notes:

  • Open System PreferencesDisplays
  • Locate the option Automatically adjust brightness and untick this option

Note: You may need to manually adjust the brightness of your screen if you find that its too dull. You can do this by using the sidebar next to Brightness.

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