How to setup Google Nest WiFi – part 4 – Create a Wireless Mesh network using a Nest WiFi Point

In this video we look at how you add a Google Nest Wifi point, to an existing Nest WiFi router, so that you can create a Mesh network. We then discuss where to position your new Nest Wifi point, before testing our new Mesh network.

Quick reference notes:

Notes: When initially configuring a Google Nest WiFi Point, place it close to your Nest WiFi router. This will help to ensure that the two devices can communicate with each other, while you setup your mesh network.

  • Open the Google Home app
  • Select the New icon
  • Under the Add to Home heading choose Set up new devices
  • Below New Devices choose Set up new devices
  • Choose Home

Notes: The Google Home app will now detect your Nest WiFI point and prepare a Mesh network.

  • When prompted enter the setup code to the Nest WIFi point. The setup code is printed on the bottom of the WiFi point
  • The Google Home app is connected to the Nest WiFi point
  • Choose if you wish to Help improve Googles WiFi products
  • Decide on the location for your WIFi point

Notes: This is simply a label to make it easier to identify and manage your WIFI points. If needed you can change a WiFi points location at a later date.

  • You will now be prompted to Turn on WiFi router and point usage stats
  • Next you will be prompted to Turn on Nest WIFi cloud services
  • You are now prompted to setup Google Assistant

Notes: In our video we decided to only enable the bare minimum that Google Assistant is capable of doing. Depending on your requirements you may want Google Assistant to be more functional. If that is the case, you will need to read the panels in order to fully setup Google Assistant.

  • You next need to decide if you want to Teach your Assistant to recognise your voice
  • Now you need to decide if you want to Get personal results
  • Next you need to decide if you want to enter your address
  • Finally we are asked if we wish to add another WiFi device
  • The Mesh connection is now tested
  • We are invited to Stay in the know about Google Hardware, features and services
  • When we are presented with a WiFi report we are ready to position our Nest WiFi point.

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