How to setup Google Nest WiFi – part 3 – The initial configuration (using PPPoE) of the router

In this video we look at how you configure a Google Nest Wifi router so that it will connect to an ADSL or VDSL modem. The method we used in this video will ensure that we avoid Double NAT, and that we can access alternative methods for connecting our Google Nest Wifi router to the internet. However, in order to complete an initial configuration of our Google Nest Wifi router, we will need to use the Google Home app.

Quick reference notes:

Notes: We recommend that you configure your Google Nest Wifi router using your mobile phone and the Google Home app. When initially configuring Google Nest WiFi make sure that your mobile phone is using its data plan to connect to the internet and not a WiFi network.

  • Open the Google Home app
  • Either create a new Google account, or use an existing one.
  • In the Choose a Home panel select Home
  • Google Home will now find your router
  • Use the QR code or manually enter the setup code.

Note: The Setup code can be found on the bottom of the router

  • Select Next
  • Once connected, you will be presented with the WAN panel
  • Select PPPoE
  • Enter the Account Name and Password for your PPPoE connection

Notes: If you do not have your PPPoE connection details, please contact your ISP

  • Select Save
  • You should now be prompted to Create a WiFi name
  • After entering your WiFi name, create a WiFi password
  • You will now be prompted to Turn on WiFi router and point usage stats
  • Next you will be prompted to Turn on Nest WIFi cloud services
  • Finally we are asked Where is this device situated
  • When we select Next our new wireless network is created
  • We can now add additional devices to create a mesh network
  • The panel Stay in the know is now presented
  • Our Nest WiFi is updated
  • Finally we are presented with a summary of our new WiFi network.

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