How to setup Google Nest WiFi – part 16 – change your DNS settings

In this video, we are going to take a look at how you change the DNS settings being used by your Google Nest WiFi network.

However, please note that the Google Home app appears to have a bug that at the time of posting will not allow you to change the DNS settings of your Google Nest WiFi router. This means that in order to change the DNS settings used by your Google Nest WiFi network, you will need to revert to the Google WiFi app.

Quick reference notes:

  • Open the Google Home app.
  • From the Home page select Settings
  • On the Home Settings panel locate and choose Nest WiFi
  • In Primary Network select Advanced networking
  • Choose DNS settings

Notes: At the time of posting you can not save Custom DNS settings from within the Google Home app. This would appear to be a bug that needs to be fixed by Google. As demonstrated in the video, to get around this issue, you will have to revert to the Google WiFI app.

  • Open the Google WiFi app
  • Select Options
  • Under Settings, locate and choose Network & General
  • In the Network section, select Advanced networking
  • From within Advanced Networking choose DNS

Reference materials:

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